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A Beautiful Ordinary
The beautiful found in the ordinary

In 2018, I embarked on a creative journey by purchasing lenses and my first DSLR camera from Canon. Taking to the streets, I explored various locations, honing my photography skills. As my expertise grew, I could seamlessly blend my music with my visual artistry, resulting in the birth of “A BeAUTIFUL ORDINARY.”

This project became a catalyst for several releases, and it also gave rise to my shoe and clothing brand, “ABO Muzeum.” I encourage everyone to explore the tracks and delve into the Muzeum collection.

“The Mosaic,” my inaugural official release under A BeAUTIFUL ORDINARY, shares its name with my first shoe release. The mission—to illuminate the beauty inherent in the every day, casting it into the spotlight—is both inspiring and commendable. 📸🎶✨

Keep creating, and may your artistic endeavors continue to captivate and uplift! 

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ABO Muzeum Mosaic Shoe
A Beautiful Ordinary
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