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Bloom Pollen Season
The many definitions of bloom
: to mature into achievement of one's potential
: to flourish in youthful beauty, freshness, or excellence
: to become more apparent or fully expressed
: a state or time of high development or achievement
: a state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor
May 24th 2024
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Bloom Pollen Season
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Find your style and Bloom
Inspired by a perfect moment
It was Sunday, May 26th, 2019, I parked the car, grab my newly purchased camera bag and headed up to the ticket window.

"Just one ticket, please." I rattled off while pulling out my newly rented Canon Marco camera lens to attach to the camera body hanging around my neck.  That twist and click is satisfying and also an alert to potential photographic subjects to be ready because an artist approaches. 

I have been taking pictures for a few years now and my focus was primarily abandoned and urban areas.  I really loved the energy of street art and the way it brough life and color to an otherwise overlooked eyesore in the community.  

Now here I stand at the entry to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and I am thinking to myself, how does this translate to Hip Hop or the music I am making?  The answer came to me as quick as the confidence-killing question that made its first appearance in my thoughts. 

Bloom Inspiration
These flowers feel like Mother Nature is using graffiti art to paint the earth with amazing colors and textures. Each flower can evoke a different feeling than the more common earth tones found around us every day.  From the first picture I snapped that day, I knew there was a story to each one of these works of art.  

I sat down that evening and powered up my system.  Those flowers were in full Bloom! Every picture just popped off my screen.  The level of detail and colors that the Canon Marco lens captured, made me look at nature in a new way.  This is Hip Hop. Nature, God or whatever you give credit to when it comes to the world around you, has shown us the creative side of life through flowers and other amazing natural treasures we continue to discover daily. 
Bloom took shape fairly quick.  It felt like the flowers were looking for theme music and a way to show people how they truly feel behind all the dramatic colors and scents.  Some flowers are only about the love but there are plenty others that have all different types of intentions. 

Now I began to read more about the flowers I captured and poetry describing their secret lives.  A gang of flowers can hold a totally different meaning when their touch can be poisonous. 

5 years later and it's Pollen Season all over again.  Those same flowers are looking to Bloom and now have theme music.  

Part of this journey is to always remember, no matter what your destination is or where you started from, there will always be flowers that will sprinkle the color and uniqueness throughout your story.  Don't just stop and smell the roses . . . Listen to them!  It's Bloom: Pollen Season. 

-Enjoy Chris V. of Soulful Playground