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The story of Jenny is a familiar one to most of us. The girl does almost anything to fit in, to be seen, and to become part of the group. It never ends up the way she hope it would.

This is the lead single from Soulful Playground, production alias of veteran Hip-Hop music producer Chris vermillion.  Dropping March 25th on all streaming platforms.

Check out the Deluxe Edition on Bandcamp or here at It features the follow-up single "Caroline Steals The Show," as well as the "Drum" only mix of both songs.

Check out the video below for the lead single, "What About Jenny."
Thanks for visiting, Chris Vermillion of Soulful Playground

For interviews, press or additional information, click below

Available on all streaming platforms March 25th

BANDCAMP/Website Expanded Single Release includes the follow-up "Caroline Steals The Show" along with several versions of each track 
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