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Duro Wicks: A Chicago Hip-Hop Pioneer

The Rise of Duro Wicks

In the early 1990s, Chicago’s hip-hop landscape was pulsating with creativity, and at the center of it all stood Duro Wicks. His alias, “He Who Walks Three Ways,” echoed through the streets, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s musical fabric.

Duro Wicks
Duro Wicks

From Shame Love Tempo to Underground Legend

Duro’s journey began as a rapper, but his impact extended far beyond the mic. As a founding member of the group He Who Walks Three Ways, he helped shape the Chicago sound. Their music blended raw beats, poetic lyricism, and a rebellious spirit—a reflection of the city’s vibrant underground scene.

Lower Links: The Hidden Gem

Lower Links, nestled in the heart of Wrigleyville, was more than a nightclub—it was a sanctuary for artists. Tucked away beneath the bustling streets, it stood as a beacon for alternative live music. The rickety wooden stairs led patrons to a scuffed, black-painted room with a cement vault as the stage. Here, Duro Wicks and other visionaries found their canvas.

Duro Wicks at Lower Links

The Soundtrack of Lower Links

As the neon lights flickered, Duro’s beats reverberated through the room. The crowd swayed, lost in the rhythm. Genres collided—experimental electronics, urban jazz, retro instrumentals, and alternative rock—all found a home at Lower Links. Duro’s tracks, like “LIPS,” “FREED MY MIND,” and “THE SUN AND THE HUMMINGBIRD,” became anthems of rebellion and resilience.

Legacy and Rediscovery

Fast forward to 2020. Duro’s demos resurfaced, digitized from cassette tapes. The songs from the EPs “Check Your Lips At The Door” and “Me, IBM and The Baby Jesus” revealed a time capsule of Chicago’s hip-hop history. Duro’s legacy lives on, inspiring a new generation of artists.

“He Who Walks Three Ways”: An Instrumental Tribute

In homage to Duro Wicks and the spirit of Lower Links, I crafted my instrumental project, “He Who Walks Three Ways.” The beats echo the energy of those underground nights—the sweat, the passion, the unfiltered creativity. Each track is a nod to Duro’s impact, a sonic bridge connecting past and present.

Conclusion: The Beat Goes On

Duro Wicks may have walked three ways, but his influence reverberates in every beat, every rhyme, every hidden corner of Chicago. So let’s raise our glasses to the unsung heroes—the ones who carved out spaces like Lower Links, where music thrived, and legends were born.

Listen closely, and you might still hear Duro’s rhythm echoing through the city’s alleys. 🎶🌃


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