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Our First Blog and Announcement of a partnership with Label, Patiotic Records

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It's been a lot of learning, planning, messing up and learning more to get to this point. I am happy and proud to announce a partnership with Patiotic Records out of Chile'.

There is soo much to share and I am still editing and getting the new site ready for a new way to present my collections. Each collection is a combination of music, art, photography and video that are employed to share a story.

My latest collaboration with Patiotic Records will be a collection titled "Bloom: Pollen Season." I will get into more details about the project soon but I first wanted to introduce my fans to Patiotic Records and their story.

Patiotic Records: Shaping the vibe and sound of LoFi Music

Founded in September 2022 by Chilean music entrepreneur Patricio Menis, Patiotic Records has quickly become a powerhouse in the music industry. Celebrating over 500 releases in just over a year, the label has carved a niche for itself, securing over 30 editorial placements, making a mark on Spotify's Global Jazz charts, and gathering an impressive 20 million streams. This demonstrates the tremendous effort and dedication behind each release.

Patricio Menis founded the label with a clear vision and mission—to deliver exceptionally high-quality and creative material to audiences, and to provide a platform where artists can fully express their creative potential. It is due to this dedication that Patiotic Records is consistently top of mind for many artists looking to launch their projects.

From Initial Musical Steps to Founding Patiotic Records

Menis, from Santiago, Chile, began his musical journey at the tender age of eight, performing in school musical ensembles and experimenting with various musical instruments. Over the years, his evolving taste and technique in music led him to pursue a degree in Audio Engineering. His career initially revolved around importing and supplying professional audio equipment to major producers and television networks in Chile. It was not until 2019 that Menis could dedicate himself entirely to music, producing under pseudonyms like Patiotic, Lofitic, and Pianotic, and exploring genres ranging from Soft Lounge and Progressive Trance to LoFi.

Patiotic Records CEO, Patricio Menis
Patiotic Records CEO, Patricio Menis

Expanding Musical Horizons

Today, Patiotic Records is not just about LoFi. The label has broadened its horizons to include Ambient, Classical, and is currently embracing Jazz Rap/Hip Hop among other styles. This expansion is a testament to Menis’s commitment to blending various musical styles and enhancing both the artists he works with and the label’s catalog.

A Mission Driven by Diversity and Innovation

Patiotic Records operates under the slogan "Shaping the vibe and sound of LoFi Music." This reflects the label's philosophy that music is not monolithic but is rich with nuances and ever-evolving. Patiotic Records stands as a beacon for capturing the diverse mixtures of nuances and creations that artists aim to express.

With its forward-thinking approach and a solid foundation built on innovation and artistic freedom, Patiotic Records continues to influence the music industry and shape the soundscapes of tomorrow.


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