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 The album, “Therapy Sessions,” was more than just music—it was an exploration of the human psyche, a descent into the depths of altered consciousness. Inspired by clandestine experiments conducted in the 1950s, where unsuspecting souls were dosed with LSD and their reactions meticulously documented, Soulful Playground wove a sonic tapestry that blurred the line between reality and hallucination.

1. Diagnosis: Brain Damage The opening track hit like a revelation. Eerie synth pads swirled, mimicking the disorientation of those unwitting subjects. Their minds, once pristine, now fractured by chemical alchemy. The beat pulsed like a heartbeat on the edge of collapse. Whispers echoed—fragments of memories, half-truths, and paranoia. The listener was strapped into the proverbial chair, electrodes attached, ready for the plunge.

2. Consultation: Brain Waves A distorted voice emerged—a scientist, perhaps, or a guide through this uncharted terrain. “What do you see?” it asked. The music responded—a glitched rhythm, glitched thoughts. The brain waves danced, erratic and beautiful. The subjects babbled about alternate dimensions, cosmic revelations, and the taste of colors. The testers watched, envious of the unfiltered visions unfolding before them.

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3. Session 2: The Split Here, the darkness deepened. Soulful Playground sampled snippets of the test subjects’ ramblings. Their identities blurred, their sanity fraying. “I am both the observer and the observed,” one voice declared. Another whispered, “The walls breathe, and I am the breath.” The beat staggered, mirroring fractured selves seeking unity. The bassline throbbed like a heartbeat split in two.

4. Testing: Magic of Mushrooms The penultimate track delved into psilocybin realms. The subjects had ingested mushrooms—their minds unraveling like ancient scrolls. Soulful Playground layered chants, laughter, and cries for salvation. The music swirled, kaleidoscopic. The testers, watching from behind the two-way mirror, felt their own sanity slip. What secrets did these altered minds hold? What forbidden knowledge?

And so, “Therapy Sessions” unfolded—a sonic séance, a communion with altered states. Soulful Playground had captured the essence of vulnerability, the fragility of perception. As the final notes faded, the room held its breath. The secret world of mind-altering experiences had been laid bare, and the listeners, like the test subjects before them, emerged changed—forever haunted by the echoes of whispered truths and fractured realities.

Listen to “Therapy Sessions” on Apple Music or Stream it on SoundCloud. Brace yourself for the journey—you’re about to step into the abyss. 🌌🎧

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